Carlos Pulido has curated a public history project uses a digital platform to commemorate the centennial of the First World War and the roles that African-American troops fulfilled during the war.

In collaboration with History Fort Lauderdale, his goals are to bring awareness to Fort Lauderdale residents that might have family members that served during World War I. In order to achieve this, this exhibit delivers an overview to three distinct categories of how "The Great War" impacted African-American History.

The first focus is on the training these troops received, what complications did they experience based on racial discrimination? Second, what jobs or tasks did they perform while stationed in Europe? And finally, how was their reception by the American public after the war concluded? These questions will be answered in a series of small articles and slideshows that bring up key points to our audience.

This project encourages visitors to interact with it through social media outlets by sharing the site, or by simply leaving a comment on the sections below the articles. Visitors are also encouraged to visit the new World War I exhibit housed at History Fort Lauderdale's New River Inn Museum building to view their collection of authentic artifacts. Information such as photographs or documents of Fort Lauderdale World War I veterans can be requested through a contact form on the website.

Visit the site:

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