Twyla Gettert is graduate of the University of Iowa and has been a professional artist for over twenty-five years. Her art is included in over 85 private and corporate collections and has been featured in Florida Architecture Magazine. Gettert’s work has been shown in museum exhibitions and also in a network of galleries throughout the U.S. Her paintings were selected for two international Sumi-E shows at the National Museum of Fine Art, Osaka, Japan. She is currently represented by MAC Fine Art Galleries.

Ms. Gettert’s experience includes completing site-specific commissioned artworks with designers and architects for major hotels, hospitals, and corporate projects. She creates in a number of mediums including large-scale Painting, Printmaking, Photography, manipulated Digital Radiography (x-ray), and Sumi-e technique.

“It’s always my intent that what I put on canvas and paper tells a story or evokes feelings that may bring a higher level of inspiration and joy. By sharing my personal vision and emotion in painting, I hope to draw viewers closer to their own inner worlds.” Twyla Gettert


Fort Lauderdale, FL Studio – phone (608)209-0045
Public Art Projects:

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