My name is Rucci. I am an established Public Artist.

Born in historically rich West Hartford, Connecticut between Noah Websters birthplace and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain's) Summer Home.I have lived in Fort Lauderdale since 1975 and have watched Broward grow. I am in touch with our local Art needs and love being a contributor .

My Art is above all, permanent. I am obsessed with creating pieces that stand the test of time. Using only State-of-the-Art premium, setting materials and Mortars, I expect my work to be around long after we are all gone from this Earth.

I have over 25 Art-in-Public-Places projects behind me and have my Art on display from Philadelphia to The Florida Keys.
I have taught Mosaics to children from 4th grade to College age and the sense of ownership and pride, always comes to the surface.

The actual installation is part of the positivity I like to pass on. It is an Art in itself.

I have done work for Local Celebrities, Movie Stars, Famous Musicians, Sports Heroes and Politicians.

Whenever possible, I like to involve local children to inspire a sense of pride.

I am currently mentoring 2 Art Students who have enthusiastic attitudes toward Public Art.

My preferred Media is Byzantine Style Mosaics. Besides my original Artwork, I recreate City Seals, Sports & Company logos as well as Government Emblems and Pool Mosaics. Fish, Turtles, Sea Creatures all have a place in my Mosaic Art World!


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