Florencia for pageBorn and raised in southern Spain, I'm the daughter of an American mother and a French/Italian father, living and working in Fort Lauderdale, FL, since 2004.

I'm a self-taught mixed media artist, whose mission is to empower and inspire through positive and meaningful artwork. My artistic adventure began in late 2014, when I quit my full time job in interior design to pursue my real passion: painting.

Because I didn’t receive any formal art training, I have developed a style without rules, which gives me great freedom. I combine my love of the classic masters with contemporary design flair to produce mixed media paintings.

My style and media have definitely evolved over the last few years as I’m continuously exploring surfaces and materials…
Initially, I set out to paint on canvas and incorporated up-cycled and repurposed materials that would otherwise be disposed of, such as discontinued fabric and paper samples, to create backgrounds and “dress” my subjects. Three years into my adventure, I discovered I could paint directly on upholstery fabric and area rugs and have fallen in love with the effect I’m able to achieve in this new medium. The patterns become intertwined with the image and add yet another dimension to it. I find these layers are a metaphor for us to look deeper than what meets the eye.

My latest series is entitled “Guardians of Sacred Space” and is composed of my largest pieces yet, ranging between 6’x4’ and 10’x8’, painted on area rugs. They are powerful portraits that command attention and infuse a sense of protection and calm to the space they are in.

At the heart of my artwork is my desire to portray strong and confident, soul aligned men and women. I want to celebrate who we are and everything that makes us unique, perfectly imperfect beings, by bringing out our strengths and our beauty; as a reminder of who we really are and to say “I see you and honor you”.

I believe portraying a variety of ethnicities is the best way to promote inclusion. It is important to me that everyone feels represented in my artwork as a mirror of society. My artwork is very much a reflection of my life and, therefore, I am in some way, in every one of my paintings. Painting is my therapy, and, so, as I heal myself, I also hope that others can recognize themselves in my work and that it may ease their pain as well.

I’m constantly striving to give form to my own feelings and visions, as well as others’. I welcome commissioned artwork and love working with my clients to create unique pieces that perfectly fit their heart, space and décor...

Cell: +1 (954) 446-4126
@ArtbyFlorencia ArtbyFlorencia www.ArtbyFlorencia.com

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