Born and raised in southern Spain, I'm the daughter of an American mother and a French/Italian father.

Not having received any formal art training, I'm a self-taught mixed media artist, whose mission is to empower and inspire through positive and meaningful artwork.

At the heart of my artwork is my desire to portray strong, elegant and confident men and women as a means to celebrate who we are and everything that makes us unique, as well as to aide in the healing of much of the suffering we experience throughout our lives.

I combine my love of the classic masters with contemporary design flair to produce mixed media paintings by incorporating, up-cycling and repurposing materials that would otherwise be disposed of such as discontinued fabric and paper samples. The myriad of colors, textures, and mesmerizing patterns found in these samples inspire me in my choice of materials. You will find I have two main styles I paint in: the first is on canvas with materials added to my painted figure; the second is painted directly on upholstery fabric, where the pattern of the fabric becomes intertwined with the image.

I use each painting as an exercise to improve not only my artistic abilities but also myself as a human, by recognizing and accepting in me what is also in others, be it good or not so good. I paint to celebrate us as imperfectly perfect beings by bringing out our strengths and our beauty, to use as a reminder of who we really are and to say “I see you and honor you”.

When I paint, I’m painting as much for myself as for others, because I know there is a lot of pain and suffering that needs healing in every single one of us. I am in every one of my paintings, and hope that others can recognize themselves in at least one of them too, and so, as I heal myself, maybe, just maybe, I can ease someone else’s pain as well.

I’m constantly striving to give form to my own feelings and visions, as well as others’. I welcome commissioned artwork and love working with my clients to create a unique piece that perfectly fits their heart, space and décor...

Facebook and Instagram page @ArtbyFlorencia
Cell: (954) 446-4126
Prints of my works, in different formats and sizes, are available on my website www.ArtbyFlorencia

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